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A Confissão de Lúcio

By Mário de Sá-Carneiro
  • ISBN Code: : 9897001190
  • Publisher : Ediçoes Vercial
  • Pages : 88
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 419
  • Book Compatibility : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Pdf : a-confissão-de-lúcio.pdf

Book Excerpt :

Por 1895, não sei bem como, achei-me estudando Direito na Faculdade de Paris, ou melhor, não estudando. Vagabundo da minha mocidade, após ter tentado vários fins para a minha vida e de todos igualmente desistido – sedento de Europa, resolvera transportar-me à grande capital. Logo me embrenhei por meios mais ou menos artísticos, e Gervásio Vila-Nova, que eu mal conhecia de Lisboa, volveu-se-me o companheiro de todas as horas. Curiosa personalidade essa de grande artista falido, ou antes, predestinado para a falência.

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This book is a compilation of texts, exercises, and a vast amount resources as used in the best universities to teach Portuguese to Foreigners. It includes the most effective methods to learn the Portuguese Language, either alone or with the help of a partner. It’s also an excellent manual to help Portuguese Language Teachers and Lecturers in the Classroom. This book is based on an extensive experience teaching Portuguese to foreign students, creating the first Portuguese Departments for several Chinese Universities, and most importantly, based on the insights acquired through cooperations with the Universities of Guangdong, Harbin, Jilin and Shanghai, in China. During these years, the author researched everything that exists in the market to teach the Portuguese Language, and that’s why he knows that you won’t ever find a manual for the teaching of the Portuguese Language that can guarantee you faster and better results, but also more motivating and interesting than what is presented here. Moreover, during his experience as a lecturer, the author was considered one of the most efficient Language Teachers in China, recommended by the Portuguese Embassy as one of their best lecturers ever, and his students were known for winning multiple national awards related to speech, translation, interpretation and writing competitions, and also known for being the fastest at language learning. Many of them became fluent Portuguese speakers in just one month. Today, these formers students are managers, entrepreneurs, translators, interpreters, and employees of some of the best and most popular companies around the world, including futebol teams, and in countries as diversified as Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Spain, Saudi Arabia, China, England and the USA, among many others.

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A RADIO FRANCE-CULTURE/TÉLÉRAMA BEST WORK OF FICTION BY THE WINNER OF THE 2013 CAMÕES PRIZE AND THE WINNER OF THE 2014 NEUSTADT PRIZE “Quite unlike anything else I have read from Africa.""—Doris Lessing “By meshing the richness of African beliefs . . . into the Western framework of the novel, he creates a mysterious and surreal epic.”—Henning Mankell Mwanito was eleven when he saw a woman for the first time, and the sight so surprised him he burst into tears. Mwanito has been living in a former big-game park for eight years. The only people he knows are his father, his brother, an uncle, and a servant. He’s been told that the rest of the world is dead, that all roads are sad, that they wait for an apology from God. In the place his father calls Jezoosalem, Mwanito has been told that crying and praying are the same thing. Both, it seems, are forbidden. The eighth novel by the internationally bestselling Mia Couto, The Tuner of Silences is the story of Mwanito’s struggle to reconstruct a family history that his father is unable to discuss. With the young woman’s arrival in Jezoosalem, however, the silence of the past quickly breaks down, and both his father’s story and the world are heard once more. The Tuner of Silences has been published to acclaim in more than half a dozen countries. Now in its first English translation, this story of an African boy's quest for the truth endures as a magical, humanizing confrontation between one child and the legacy of war. PRAISE FOR MIA COUTO “On almost every page … we sense Couto’s delight in those places where language slips officialdom’s asphyxiating grasp.”—The New York Times "Even in translation, his prose is suffused with striking images.”—The Washington Post PRAISE FOR DAVID BROOKSHAW "David Brookshaw dexterously renders the novel's often colloquial, pithy Portuguese into lively English. Brookshaw's task is made more exacting by the particular quality of Couto's brilliance.”—The New York Times


By Günter Berghaus,Oleh S. Ilnytzkyj,Gabriella Elina Imposti,Christina Lodder
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The ninth volume of the International Yearbook of Futurism Studies is dedicated to Russian Futurism and gathers ten studies that investigate the impact of F.T. Marinetti’s visit to Russia in 1914; the neglected region of the Russian Far East; the artist and writers Velimir Khlebnikov, Vasily Kamensky, Maria Siniakova and Vladimir Mayakovsky; the artistic media of advertising, graphic arts, cinema and artists’ books.

Playing the Odds

By Nora Roberts
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  • Publisher : St. Martin's Paperbacks
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Playing the Odds begins the family saga of The MacGregors, the beloved and passionate series from #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts, introducing an adventurous spirit who takes a risk on embracing life’s possibilities outside her familiar world—and encounters a chance for love she may never find again. Raised in wealth and luxury, Serena MacGregor wanted something money couldn’t buy, an independent experience she can get only by living it. Working as a blackjack dealer on a cruise ship, she keeps her elite privilege a secret. Then gambler Justin Blade appears and drops big bucks on her table. He’s a mystery who keeps his cards close to his chest—but finds himself desiring to prove to Serena that together they’ve hit the jackpot.