Homestead : A Complete History of the Struggle of July, 1892, between the Carnegie-Steel Company, Limited, and the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers Book

Homestead : A Complete History of the Struggle of July, 1892, between the Carnegie-Steel Company, Limited, and the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers | Download eBook Read Pdf-ePub-Kindle

Download full pdf book Homestead : A Complete History of the Struggle of July, 1892, between the Carnegie-Steel Company, Limited, and the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers by Arthur G. Burgoyne available in full 330 pages, and make sure to check out other latest books related to Homestead : A Complete History of the Struggle of July, 1892, between the Carnegie-Steel Company, Limited, and the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers below.

Homestead : A Complete History of the Struggle of July, 1892, between the Carnegie-Steel Company, Limited, and the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers

By Arthur G. Burgoyne
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Book Excerpt :

Homestead : A Complete History of the Struggle of July, 1892, between the Carnegie-Steel Company, Limited, and the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers The demand voiced by representative workingmen in the Pittsburgh district, not only on their own account but on that of their brethren the world over, for a correct and impartial history of the Homestead trouble, sufficiently explains the appearance of this volume. The importance of the theme requires no demonstration. Since labor first organized for its own protection it has passed through no period more prolific in soul-stirring events and significant developments than that extending from July to November, 1892, and including the lock-out at the Carnegie mills, the battle with 300 Pinkerton guards, the military occupation of Homestead, the trial of labor leaders on capital charges and the ultimate collapse of the Amalgamated lodges for lack of funds to continue the struggle against non-unionism. This was a conflict of far more than local interest. It was watched with anxiety by both friends and foes of organized labor on both sides of the Atlantic; it claimed the attention of leaders of thought in all departments of human activity; it stirred up the British House of Parliament and the United States Congress, agitated the newspaper press of both continents, became an issue in the election for President and is said to have contributed more largely to the defeat of Benjamin Harrison by Grover Cleveland than any other influence. The injection of partisan considerations into public discussion of the Homestead affair led naturally to a vast amount of misrepresentation, and even at this late day the causes and character of the struggle are widely misunderstood. It has been the mission of the author of this history to sift out the truth, to make clear the motives and methods of the disputants on both sides, and to recount in detail the events of the contest without sacrificing historic accuracy to romantic effect. Personal observations in the course of visits to the "seat of war" while hostilities were in progress, and subsequent conversations with the leaders has made the task a comparatively easy one. Little attempt is made to philosophize on the varying phases of the labor question as presented at Homestead. It is left largely to the reader to form his own deductions from the facts set forth and from the opinions of recognized authorities, not forgetting Mr. Carnegie himself, which are liberally cited. That through the perusal of "Homestead" new light may be borne in upon some of the many who persist in regarding the American workingman as a mere piece of mechanism, deservedly at the mercy of his employer, is the earnest hope of

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Painlevé Transcendents

By Decio Levi,Pavel Winternitz
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
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The NATO Advanced Research Workshop "Painleve Transcendents, their Asymp totics and Physical Applications", held at the Alpine Inn in Sainte-Adele, near Montreal, September 2 -7, 1990, brought together a group of experts to discuss the topic and produce this volume. There were 41 participants from 14 countries and 27 lectures were presented, all included in this volume. The speakers presented reviews of topics to which they themselves have made important contributions and also re sults of new original research. The result is a volume which, though multiauthored, has the character of a monograph on a single topic. This is the theory of nonlinear ordinary differential equations, the solutions of which have no movable singularities, other than poles, and the extension of this theory to partial differential equations. For short we shall call such systems "equations with the Painleve property". The search for such equations was a very topical mathematical problem in the 19th century. Early work concentrated on first order differential equations. One of Painleve's important contributions in this field was to develop simple methods applicable to higher order equations. In particular these methods made possible a complete analysis of the equation ;; = f(y',y,x), where f is a rational function of y' and y, with coefficients that are analytic in x. The fundamental result due to Painleve (Acta Math.

Friedrich Engels

By W. O. Henderson
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Book Short Summary:

First Published in 1976. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

내 손 안의 미술관, 폴 고갱

By 김정일
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : 도서출판 피치플럼
  • Book Code : 9791190212076
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  • Category : Art
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  • Pdf File: 내-손-안의-미술관-폴-고갱.pdf

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인상주의의 사실적인 묘사에서 벗어나 색채와 형태를 관념적으로 표현하는 상징주의의 시초로 현대미술사에 큰 영향을 끼친 프랑스 화가 폴 고갱. 도시 문명을 거부하고 원시적인 것에서 이루고자 했던 자신의 예술적 이상을 향해 끊임없이 노력한 고갱의 열정적 삶이 투영된 강렬한 작품을 생생한 이미지로 만나볼 수 있습니다.

القصة القصيرة في مجلة الهلال (1980-1892) : دراسة نقدية للقصص القصيرة في مجلة (الهلال) المصريّة مع تحليل للظروف السياسية والاجتماعية والاقتصادية التي رافقت مسيرة هذا الفن القصصي ومسيرة المجلة

By عوني أحمد صالح تغوج
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تكاد المجلات والدوريات سواء ما كانت منها ثقافية عامة، أو أدبية متخصّصة تكون المصدر الأول لأي باحث في الأدب الحديثن وذلك لأن الفنون الأدبية الحديثة بأنواعها المختلفة غالباً ما تجد مكانها الأول حال ظهورها في صفحات مجلة أو صحيفة. وبظهور هذا الأثرا لأدبي في الصحافة يكتسب قيمة خاصة وأهمية كبيرة من حيث دلالته على التطور الفني والفكري لصاحبها، ودلالته على طبيعة اتجاهات المجلة ، واهم من ذلك كله دلالة الأثر على مدى وكيفية معايشة الكاتب للقضايا والظروف التي تحيط به.


By B.B. Austin
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Author House
  • Book Code : 9781456724078
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Marco's life plan did not include being drafted into the army by the English and fighting against his own people. How was he even to become a hero at all when all odds were against him. After being separated from his family, all he had left was God, and his standard issued knife to protect him from anyone or anything that wanted to hurt him. How would he ever reunite his family while still fighting a war against his own people? Let alone survive in the war to even live to see the day that he might find his family?

An International Annotated Bibliography of Strindberg Studies 1870-2005: The plays

By Michael Robinson
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : MHRA
  • Book Code : 0947623825
  • Total of Pages : 756
  • Category : Reference
  • Members : 494
  • Pdf File: an-international-annotated-bibliography-of-strindberg-studies-1870-2005.pdf

Book Short Summary:

This copiously annotated bibliography documents and examines the whole range of commentary on Strindberg's works and activity in many fields besides the plays for which he is internationally best known. These include his prose fiction and poetry, his work as an historian and natural historian, and his relationship to the other arts, most notably his painting. It is concerned with both lasting works of literary and dramatic criticism, as well as reviews of his books and plays in the theatre, and some more ephemeral material, all of this in several languages. Organised generically and by subject and individual work, the bibliography enables the reader to trace the changing impact of Strindberg and his works in various countries and during different periods. It is thus very much a study in reception as well as a bibliographical record of published material. It traces the developing image of Strindberg and his writing both during his lifetime and in subsequent years, and with frequent cross reference offers a comprehensive overview of a literary and existential project that has rarely been matched for its multifaceted diversity. The bibliography is published in three parts. Volume 1, General Studies (978-0-947623-81-4) and Volume 3, Prose, Poetry, Miscellaneous (978-0-947623-83-8) are also now available. Michael Robinson is Emeritus Professor of Drama and Scandinavian Studies at the University of East Anglia, Norwich.

The 1928 Book of Common Prayer

By Oxford University Press
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Oxford University Press
  • Book Code : 0199796068
  • Total of Pages : 810
  • Category : Religion
  • Members : 848
  • Pdf File: the-1928-book-of-common-prayer.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The 1928 Book of Common Prayer is a treasured resource for traditional Anglicans and others who appreciate the majesty of King James-style language. This classic edition features a Presentation section containing certificates for the rites of Baptism, Confirmation, and Marriage. The elegant burgundy hardcover binding is embossed with a simple gold cross, making it an ideal choice for both personal study and gift-giving. The 1928 Book of Common Prayer combines Oxford's reputation for quality construction and scholarship with a modest price - a beautiful prayer book and an excellent value.

George Gissing: The Cultural Challenge

By John Sloan
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Book Code : 1349199435
  • Total of Pages : 172
  • Category : Literary Criticism
  • Members : 130
  • Pdf File: george-gissing.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Read and download full book George Gissing: The Cultural Challenge

Grinnell: America's Environmental Pioneer and His Restless Drive to Save the West

By John Taliaferro
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Liveright Publishing
  • Book Code : 1631490141
  • Total of Pages : 512
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
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Book Short Summary:

Before Rachel Carson, there was George Bird Grinnell—the man whose prophetic vision did nothing less than launch American conservation. George Bird Grinnell, the son of a New York merchant, saw a different future for a nation in the thrall of the Industrial Age. With railroads scarring virgin lands and the formerly vast buffalo herds decimated, the country faced a crossroads: Could it pursue Manifest Destiny without destroying its natural bounty and beauty? The alarm that Grinnell sounded would spark America’s conservation movement. Yet today his name has been forgotten—an omission that John Taliaferro’s commanding biography now sets right with historical care and narrative flair. Grinnell was born in Brooklyn in 1849 and grew up on the estate of ornithologist John James Audubon. Upon graduation from Yale, he dug for dinosaurs on the Great Plains with eminent paleontologist Othniel C. Marsh—an expedition that fanned his romantic notion of wilderness and taught him a graphic lesson in evolution and extinction. Soon he joined George A. Custer in the Black Hills, helped to map Yellowstone, and scaled the peaks and glaciers that, through his labors, would become Glacier National Park. Along the way, he became one of America’s most respected ethnologists; seasons spent among the Plains Indians produced numerous articles and books, including his tour de force, The Cheyenne Indians: Their History and Ways of Life. More than a chronicler of natural history and indigenous culture, Grinnell became their tenacious advocate. He turned the sportsmen’s journal Forest and Stream into a bully pulpit for wildlife protection, forest reserves, and national parks. In 1886, his distress over the loss of bird species prompted him to found the first Audubon Society. Next, he and Theodore Roosevelt founded the Boone and Crockett Club to promote “fair chase” of big game. His influence among the rich and the patrician provided leverage for the first federal legislation to protect migratory birds—a precedent that ultimately paved the way for the Endangered Species Act. And in an era when too many white Americans regarded Native Americans as backwards, Grinnell’s cries for reform carried from the reservation, through the halls of Congress, all the way to the White House. Drawing on forty thousand pages of Grinnell’s correspondence and dozens of his diaries, Taliaferro reveals a man whose deeds and high-mindedness earned him a lustrous peerage, from presidents to chiefs, Audubon to Aldo Leopold, John Muir to Gifford Pinchot, Edward S. Curtis to Edward H. Harriman. Throughout his long life, Grinnell was bound by family and sustained by intimate friendships, toggling between the East and the West. As Taliaferro’s enthralling portrait demonstrates, it was this tension that wound Grinnell’s nearly inexhaustible spring and honed his vision—a vision that still guides the imperiled future of our national treasures.

Eugène Dubois and the Ape-Man from Java

By L.T. Theunissen
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Book Short Summary:

Although the name Pithecanthropus is now seldom used, there are few who study the origin of our species who will fail to recognise the historical place of the usage and its association with Eugene Dubois. During the last thirty or forty years, Australopithecus and its African context has tended to draw attention from the early work on our origins in Java. It is now increasingly common to hear the term 'pithecanthropine' used only to indicate the Asian or Far Eastern examples of Homo erectus which, although probably derived from African ancestry, have some features that in the opinion of some experts may justify their being considered distinctive. This discussion is not within the pages that follow which deal extensively with the work of Eugene Dubois. He was an extraordinary man who did as much as any person since to put the great antiquity of our ancestors firmly in the public domain. Dubois became involved with the study of human origins from a medical and anatomical background as have many since. The jealousies and professional pressures that we think of as a phenomenon of the post-war years were clearly a major factor in deciding the future of his career.

Children of the Ghetto

By Israel Zangwill
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Book Short Summary:

In its first appearance in 1892, Israel Zangwill's Children of the Ghetto created a sensation in both England and America, becoming the first Anglo-Jewish bestseller and establishing Zangwill as the literary voice of Anglo-Jewry. A novel set in late nineteenth-century London, Children of the Ghetto gave an inside look into an immigrant community that was almost as mysterious to the more established middle-class Jews of Britain as to the non-Jewish population, providing a compelling analysis of a generation caught between the ghetto and modern British life. This volume brings back to print the 1895 edition of Children of the Ghetto, the latest American version known to have been corrected by the author. Meri-Jane Rochelson places the novel in proper context by providing a biographical, historical, and critical introduction; a bibliography of primary and secondary sources; and notes on the text, making this ground-breaking novel accessible to a new generation of readers, both Jewish and non-Jewish alike.

The Policing of Belfast 1870-1914

By Mark Radford
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Book Short Summary:

The Policing of Belfast, 1870-1914 examines the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) in late Victorian Belfast in order to see how a semi-military, largely rural constabulary adapted to the problems that a city posed. Mark Radford explores whether the RIC, as the most public face of British government, was successful in controlling a recalcitrant Irish urban populace. This examination of the contrast in styles between urban and rural policing and semi-rural and civil constabulary offers an important insight into the social, political and military history of Ireland at the turn of the twentieth century. The book concludes by showing how governmental neglect of the force and its failure to comprehensively address the issues of pay and conditions of service ultimately led to crisis in the RIC.

Starvation and the State

By Steven Serels
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Book Short Summary:

Sudan has historically suffered devastating famines that have powerfully reshaped its society. This study shows that food crises were the result of exploitative processes that transferred resources to a small group of beneficiaries, including British imperial agents and indigenous elites who went on to control the Sudanese state at independence.

The Taft Ranch

By A. Ray Stephens
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Book Short Summary:

For fifty years the progressive Coleman-Fulton Pasture Company, popularly known as the Taft Ranch, led in the development of South Texas, and in the early twentieth century achieved national and international repute for its contributions to agriculture. The story of the ranch reaches its climax as the firm is absorbed into the community growing up around it—the same community the ranch had nurtured to an unprecedented prosperity. In 1961 A. Ray Stephens visited Taft, Texas, and received permission to use the dust-covered records, which for thirty years had been closed to historians. These records, plus the valuable supplementary material in the Fulton Collection at the University of Texas, have enabled the author to tell the complete story of the ranch from its inception in 1880 to its dissolution in 1930. In 1880, with a fifty-year charter, the Coleman-Fulton Pasture Company was legally born as a private corporation. For the duration of its history this company aided the advancement of South Texas through effective utilization of the fertile land, through development of agriculture and related industries, and through encouragement of settlers and curious visitors to the Coastal Bend region. Its history is a long, determined fight against severe drought, cattle disease, and financial insolvency. Guided by farsighted men who believed in experimentation in agriculture—and who also promoted the establishment of stores, schools, colleges, churches, and industrial plants—the company not only survived but prospered, and by 1920 its owners could survey their vast properties with well-earned satisfaction. The struggling cattle firm of 1880 had expanded into a multi-interest, profitable corporation that had established and supervised most of the industries in Taft, Texas. Stephens' well-documented 1964 study had been long needed. During the three decades preceding it, the ranch had been well-nigh forgotten; only the handful of people, then still living, who had worked on the ranch had kept its memory fresh, while the voluminous company records remained inaccessible. The author supplemented his study of company records and newspapers with archival material, government records, and information obtained during hours of interviewing. His book will insure for the Taft Ranch its deservedly prominent position in Texas history. The lively introduction was written by Joe B. Frantz (1917–1993) who, in his role of Professor of History at the University of Texas, encouraged the study and watched its development.

The Development of the International Book Trade, 1870-1895

By A. Rukavina
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Book Short Summary:

An international trade emerged between 1870-1895 that incorporated the circulation of books among countries worldwide. A history of the social network and select agents who sold and distributed books overseas, this study demonstrates agents increasingly thought of the world as a negotiable, connected system and books as transnational commodities.

Hesses "Unterm Rad" als Kritik am Schulsystem 1892

By Steffen Kutzner
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Book Short Summary:

Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2015 im Fachbereich Literaturwissenschaft - Moderne Literatur, Note: 1,7, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn (Germanistik / Vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft), Veranstaltung: Moderne Erzählungen: Thematik, Form, Narration, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Diese Ausarbeitung wird versuchen die Frage zu beantworten, inwiefern "Unterm Rad" als Kritik am Schul- und Bildungssystem des ausgehenden 19. Jahrhunderts zu verstehen ist und welche Argumente jener Debatte aufgegriffen werden. Zu diesem Zweck wird umrissen, was genau unter dem Konzept ‚Schule’ anno 1892 zu verstehen ist und inwiefern dieses Konzept infrage gestellt wurde. Im Anschluss wird untersucht, wie der Lehrkörper und das Klosterseminar selbst im Roman dargestellt werden und inwiefern sich der Schulroman (nicht) in den Zeitgeist und das gesellschaftliche Selbstempfinden der Jahrhundertwende einfügt. Die Zeit um 1900 herum ist eine Epoche, die von tiefgreifenden Veränderungen beherrscht wird – und damit von Unsicherheit, Misstrauen und Konflikten. Die ersten Entwicklungen in der Elektrotechnik wie Telefone, elektrisches Licht und Straßenbahnen wurden begleitet von einem enormen Bevölkerungszuwachs und der Emanzipation der Frauen; Sigmund Freud entdeckte in der Psyche eines jeden von uns Vorgänge, die den Menschen als konsequent selbstbeherrschtes Wesen in Frage stellten (und den Stellenwert der Kindheit für die soziale und psychische Entwicklung neu definierten); die Natur- und Ingenieurswissenschaften verdrängten 2000 Jahre alte Ansichten über den Ursprung der Menschheit. All diese Veränderungen zwischen Tradition und Moderne „erzeug[t]en ebenso viel Modernisierungsangst wie Euphorie.“ Der aufkeimende Generationenkonflikt unter dem Licht der in literarischen Kreisen hochstilisierten Dekadenz entwickelte sich durch Reformpädagogen und Jugendbewegungen um etwa 1880 von einem fachinternen Diskurs zu einer öffentlich diskutierten Kritik am Schulsystem, an der sich schließlich sogar der Kaiser persönlich beteiligte. Zentraler Terminus der Debatte war der Begriff ‚Überbürdung‘. Parallel zu der öffentlichen Diskussion wurden auffallend viele literarische Texte veröffentlicht, die einen jugendlichen Helden am unbarmherzigen Schulsystem scheitern lassen. Einer davon ist Hermann Hesses 1905 erschienene Erzählung „Unterm Rad“.